Grace joined Octant as a research associate. She currently helps develop and operate Octant’s platform technology. 

Grace received her B.S. in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley while researching gene expression in lung cancer in Dr. Lin He’s lab. She went on to work as a lab technician at USC characterizing circulating tumor cells in breast cancer in Dr. Min Yu’s lab. Wanting to experience research outside of academia, she then joined Emerald Cloud Lab as a laboratory operator for a year before moving back down to sunny Socal to join Octant.

Grace grew up in the suburbs of Orange County and enjoys taking roadtrips, playing board games, and taking naps with her two cats in her spare time.


Iriondo O, Liu Y, Lee G, Elhodaky M, Jimenez C, Li L, Lang J, Wang P, & Yu M. TAK1 mediates microenvironment-triggered autocrine signals and promotes triple-negative breast cancer lung metastasis. Nature Communications 9, (2018).