Molly is a genome scientist, specializing in technology development of CRISPR perturbation screens and multiplexed functional assays. She is a temporary consulting scientist with Octant's reformatics team until the end of 2019.

Molly has always been drawn to human genetics-oriented research, beginning her research training as a University of Washington undergraduate studying neurogenetics in Mary-Claire King's lab. After a 2 year stint working in Louis Kunkel's muscular dystrophy lab at Harvard Medical School, she returned to UW to pursue a PhD with Jay Shendure in the Department of Genome Sciences. There she developed CRISPR-based functional assays to dissect the vast amount of noncoding DNA in the human genome. In 2020, she will return to the UW to serve as Director of Functional Genomics in the Shendure lab.

Outside of the lab, she can be found eating, traveling, biking, and spending time with her two cats, Andrew and Stella.


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