Nathan Lubock is a computational biologist interested in deriving insights from large-scale experiments. Before joining Octant, he completed his Ph.D. in Biochemistry at UCLA under Sriram Kosuri. There he developed computational tools to understand and improve methods for multiplexed gene synthesis and GPCR-ligand interaction screens. In his free time, Nathan spends too much money on wine. 


A systematic comparison of error correction enzymes by next-generation sequencing. Lubock NB, Zhang D, Sidore AM, Church GM, KosuriS . Nucleic acids research 45 (15), 9206-17.

Multiplexed gene synthesis in emulsions for exploring protein functional landscapes. Plesa C, Sidore AM, Lubock NB, Zhang D, Kosuri S. Science 359 (6373), 343-47.  

A Scalable, Multiplexed Assay for Decoding Receptor-Ligand Interactions. Jones EM, Jajoo R, Cancilla D, Lubock NB, Wang J, Satyadi M, Cheung R, March CD, Matsunami J, Kosuri S. bioRxiv, 358739