Zach is a SynBio Apprentice. He helps optimize our multiplexed drug screening sequencing platform.

Zach completed his BS in Genetics, Genomics, and Biotechnology from BYU. As an undergrad, he worked in Jonathon Hill's lab, where he helped characterize a gene regulatory network in cardiac development and contributed to open-source hardware. During the summers, he interned at BioFire Defense and Novozymes. At BioFire Defense, he designed and developed multiplexed qPCR diagnostic assays. At Novozymes, he helped optimized a modular synthetic gene circuit.

Zach enjoys scuba diving, reading, hiking, and eating.


ZeMo: An Open Source Water Quality Monitoring System for Aquaria. Johnson SP, Yates JD, Frederich ZB, Hill JT. Zebrafish. 2018. 15(6):652–655