Gabrielle Bostwick

Gabrielle manages the lab and facilities at Octant. She got her PhD in Medical Science at the University of Florida, researching the molecular basis of learning, memory, and behavior in Octopus neural circuits. 

Gabrielle’s lab management experience comes from building molecular biology labs on boats ranging from small personal sailboats to mega-yachts, to cargo ships. She has always enjoyed facilitating and conducting innovative research at the cutting-edge of new frontiers, so Octant is a natural fit for her.

Outside of the lab, Gabrielle enjoys hiking and cooking with her family. She also enjoys volunteering as a scientific advisor for the Ocean Genome Atlas Project nonprofit organization. 


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Yoshida, M. A., Ogura, A., Ikeo, K., Shigeno, S., Moritaki, T., Winters, G. C., Kohn, A. B., & Moroz, L. L. (2015). Molecular Evidence for Convergence and Parallelism in Evolution of Complex Brains of Cephalopod Molluscs: Insights from Visual Systems. Int

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