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Mapping a

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of Medicine

The next generation of medicine will require bold new approaches native to biology. Octant is navigating the complexity of biology and chemistry to develop next generation small molecules.

Technology Platform

Next-generation small molecule therapeutics

How do you understand what to 'drug' in the first place?

Most drug programs focus on binding molecules to a purified “target” protein, hoping that binding will drive a desired downstream function. Octant engineers biology and chemistry at massive scales to modulate the function itself, targeting complex cellular mechanisms that drive disease.


High-throughput synthetic biology

We build custom sensors in human cells to disentangle and model the cellular mechanisms driving disease.

High-throughput chemistry

Engineering small molecules to modulate biological mechanisms requires high-throughput explorations of local chemical diversity.

Barcoded Multiplexing

Barcoded multiplexing enables massively parallel high-throughput drug discovery. Barcoded sensors quantify subtle effect sizes across thousands of experiments, critical for powering direct-to-biology chemistry and large AI/ML datasets.

Big Data for Drug discovery

The Octant platform is enabled, processed, and accelerated by our advanced AI/ML pipelines and tools. Our proprietary chemical biology datasets generate unique insights from millions of data points to advance drug programs.

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We are a group of technologists and builders charting new approaches to drug discovery. We combine new technologies to find simple and elegant solutions to complex problems. Scientists, engineers and operators - we are all working together to build a new type of company.

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