Our Mission

Mapping a

New Universe

of Medicine

The next generation of medicine will require bold new approaches native to biology. We approach therapeutic problems through the massively parallel lenses of biology itself.

Technology Platform

Next-generation small molecule therapeutics

How do you understand what to 'drug' in the first place?

Society is swimming in genetic and clinical data, but we usually don’t understand the biochemical mechanisms that link the genetics to the disease. Octant engineers biology at massive scales to unlock that data layer and build novel treatments for the most complicated diseases.

High throughput synthetic biology

We use our world-class synthetic biology capabilities to design and build engineered genes, reporters, genetic circuits, and human cell lines.

High throughput chemistry

Nanomole-scale chemical synthesis brings together custom-designed chemical cores with tens of thousands of fragments to enable both exploration and subtle tuning of chemical space.

Multiplexed Assay Platform

All of this comes together on our massively parallel high-throughput drug discovery platform. We iterate on thousands of genetic and chemical inputs to generate millions of biological outputs in human cells.


All of the above is enabled, processed, and accelerated by our advanced statistical and machine learning pipelines and tools. We use the most advanced bioinformatics and software techniques.

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Working at Octant

Of and by technologists.
For patients.

We are a group of technologists and builders charting new approaches to drug discovery. We combine new technologies to find simple and elegant solutions to complex problems. Scientists, engineers and operators — we are all working together to build a new type of company.

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