Octant Careers

Octant Careers

Our Journey

Next-generation medicines for multifactorial diseases

We’re building an antedisciplinary movement to chart new approaches to drug discovery. Whether you’re a scientist, an engineer, or any other professional, we’re working together to build a new type of drug discovery company. It’s a challenging but rewarding journey.

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We work on important problems in human disease and have fun doing it

Making new therapies depends on understanding the most complicated systems we know of — human cells. It’s hard work and a long road, but there’s also a lot of fun along the way (if there's a way to make something a competition, lookout!).

Rapid progress happens when teams invent new ways to see the world

From genetic engineering, to chemical synthesis, to automation, to computation, we are equipped with technologies society couldn’t have even dreamed of a decade ago. It enables us to solve complex therapeutic problems in ways nobody else can!

Innovators at heart, we support each other to take risks and grow

We’re combining technologies to decode the complexity of disease and build better therapeutics. Direct with each other, we stretch Octonauts towards the next breakthrough. We’re serious about recruiting and developing the best people in drug discovery.

We’re on a mission to fight difficult diseases; Join us

These are early days of a new era of drug discovery: targeting the complex cellular mechanisms that drive disease. There are patients out there waiting for us and you can make a difference for them.

Our Culture

BuilD from the ground up

Octonauts share a commitment to improve patients' lives and a penchant for conquering challenging problems. We also share a sense of ownership over the company culture and take initiative to make this an even more awesome place!

Our collective effort to build a special company manifests in many ways; our Apprenticeship program, Gender Equity Mentorship & Sponsorship (GEMS) program, and partnership with Berkeley's Y-Scholars program all were started organically by Octonauts eager to build something meaningful with their teammates!

We also enjoy a healthy ecosystem of Octonaut-founded clubs. Examples include clubs for tennis, sailing, board games, D&D, running, video game tournaments, and more! We’re striving for the kind of community where we can have fun while supporting each other professionally. You can read more on our culture here.

Why octant?

We invest in your growth

Working at Octant will propel your professional growth. Octonauts continuously hone their craft by rising to the occasion in the face of challenging problems. We’re pushing to evolve intellectually and to do the best work of our careers. We also have a biannual career development cycle, in which Octonauts reflect on their aspirations and devise concrete plans with their managers to make strides towards their goals. We’re proud to have fostered the internal career development of Octonauts over the years; folks here have trained to become first-time managers, leads of technology development or drug discovery teams, synthetic biologists, data scientists, automation engineers, operations specialists, and software engineers.

Equal Opportunity

We are passionate about encouraging the growth of the many underrepresented identities in STEM. We strive to foster a culture of respect and empathy, do outreach in our community, and encourage everybody to pursue their career goals. We still have work to do, but we're focused on improving representation and the success of underrepresented backgrounds in our industry.

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Building a world-class team of antedisciplinary scientists to design better drugs

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