About Us

Novel therapeutics for complex diseases

Octant is scaling drug discovery to navigate the complexity of human disease

What we do

Octant is a therapeutics company building drugs that match the complexity of human diseases.

We are building drugs with novel mechanisms of actions guided by massive datasets in engineered human cells that unlock insights between genetics, chemistry, biochemical function, and disease phenotypes. Our platform uses synthetic biology, high throughput multiplexed assays, synthetic chemistry, and computation to engineer and interrogate drugs, proteins, and signaling pathways at unprecedented scales.

Our Story

Setting a course for a new type of biotech

Despite the proliferation of genomic data, clinical data, and new biological technologies, many of the most pressing diseases in society are proving intractable with the current approaches. In many disease areas, we have more information than we dreamed we’d ever had, and we still have no idea where to start-- what exactly to drug in the first place? Some conditions present as one disease, when they’re actually a multitude of different diseases. In many diseases, we know a particular gene is involved in the disease, but have no idea which molecular mechanism will “fix” it.

Octant envisions a new approach to tackle these problems. We believe that recent advances in synthetic biology enable a new type of biotechnology. For example, we can today engineer cells to compute biological information at far greater accuracy and throughput than computational simulation. We set out on a journey to map the biochemical mechanisms that link genetics and chemical features to the disease. Because, ultimately, it’s the biochemical mechanisms that we drug.

Since then, we’ve been busy building a different type of company- of and by technologists- for patients.

We focus on complex but genetically validated diseases that society is falling behind on. We’ve set out to tackle very hard problems in multi-factorial diseases. Because if we don’t do it, who will?

Mission and Values

Next generation approaches to target complex diseases

We're a therapeutics company integrating and scaling new technologies.

We’re building an antedisciplinary movement to chart new approaches to drug discovery. Whether you’re a scientist, an engineer, or in operations, we’re working together to build a new type of company. It’s a challenging but fun journey.

Board of directors

Sri Kosuri

Cofounder & CEO

Ramsey Homsany

Cofounder & President

Jason Kelly

CEO — Ginkgo Bioworks

Jorge Conde

General Partner — a16z

Mark Murcko

Founder and Board Member, Relay Therapeutics & Founding CSO and Board Member, Dewpoint Therapeutics

Our team of Octonauts

We're a group of scientists and builders driven to find new therapeutics for complex diseases.

Akshay Balsubramani

Alex Tancredi

Bryan Jiang

Carter Barger

Conor Howard

Curt Fischer

Divya Manthena

Drake West

Eric Jones

Erin Thompson

Gabrielle Bostwick

Galen Loving

Helen Song

Henry Chan

Idriss Njike

Janet Kim

Jeff Tang

Jimin Park

Johan Enquist

Jordan Gewing-Mullins

Josh Bloom

Justin Greene

Kyle Kovary

Leon Chan

Lizvette Ayala-Valdez

Maris Kealoha Kamalu

Meghan Ginley Arthurs

Michelle Wong

Morgan MacKenzie

Naomi Handly

Nate Lubock

Nicholas Larus-Stone

Pedro Leandro La Rotta

Ramsey Homsany

Samir Hinn

Sarah Tarver

Scott Simpkins

Sri Kosuri

Stacie Kim

Tao Zheng

Theo Tarver

William Owens

Scientific Advisory Board

Charles Zuker

Professor — Columbia University

Vijay Pande

General Partner — a16z

Hosea Nelson

Professor of Chemistry — CalTech

Debora Marks

Professor of Systems Biology — Harvard and Associate Member, Broad Institute

Mark Murcko

Founder and Board Member, Relay Therapeutics & Founding CSO and Board Member, Dewpoint Therapeutics