Connor Ludwig

Connor is a synthetic and systems biologist with a background in mammalian gene regulation and functional genomics. He is currently developing new screening approaches to expand Octant's drug discovery capabilities.

Before joining Octant, Connor completed his PhD in Bioengineering at Stanford University in the lab of Dr. Lacramioara Bintu. The bulk of his thesis work focused on the large-scale discovery and characterization of viral proteins that can affect transcription in human cells.

Outside of Octant, Connor enjoys making music, drawing, painting, playing board games, and playing pickleball.


Dynamic spreading of chromatin-mediated gene silencing and reactivation between neighboring genes in single cells. Lensch S, Herschl MH, Ludwig CH, Hinks MM, Mukund A, Fujimori T, Bintu L (2022). eLife.

High-throughput functional characterization of combinations of transcriptional activators and repressors. Mukund AX, Tycko J, Allen SJ, Robinson SA, Andrews C, Ludwig CH, Spees K, Bassik MC, Bintu L (2022). bioRxiv.

High-Throughput Discovery and Characterization of Viral Transcriptional Effectors in Human Cells. Ludwig CH, Thurum AR, Yang KJ, Tycko J, Bassik MC, Glaunsinger BA, Bintu L (2022). bioRxiv.

Large-scale mapping and systematic mutagenesis of human transcriptional effector domains. DelRosso N, Tycko J, Suzuki P, Andrews C, Aradhana FNU, Mukund A, Liongson I, Ludwig CH, Spees K, Fordyce P, Bassik MC, Bintu L (2022). bioRxiv.


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