Curt Fischer

Curt is a chemical engineer with a background in analytical biochemistry and metabolic engineering.  He earned his Ph.D. in chemical engineering at MIT, completed post-doctoral studies at UC Berkeley, and was an early employee at Ginkgo Bioworks for several years.  After returning to the west coast in 2014, he led Stanford ChEM-H's Metabolic Chemistry Analysis Center, before joining Octant in 2020.  

After hours you will find hanging out with this family, at home. After the pandemic ends, troubles will melt like lemon drops and sometimes Curt might get high above the chimney tops, or at least farther away from his house.


Fischer, C. R., Peterson, A. A., & Tester, J. W. (2011). Production of C3 hydrocarbons from biomass via hydrothermal carboxylate reforming. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 50(8), 4420-4424.

Nett, R. S., Guan, X., Smith, K., Faust, A. M., Sattely, E. S., & Fischer, C. R. (2018). D2O Labeling to measure active biosynthesis of natural products in medicinal plants. AIChE journal, 64(12), 4319-4330.

Gittens, A., Kottalam, J., Yang, J., Ringenburg, M.F., Chhugani, J., Racah, E., Singh, M., Yao, Y., Fischer, C., Ruebel, O. and Bowen, B., 2016, May. A multi-platform evaluation of the randomized CX low-rank matrix factorization in Spark. In 2016 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops (IPDPSW) (pp. 1403-1412). IEEE.

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