Erin Thompson


Erin is a protein biochemist/biophysicist with a background in developing high-throughput screening platforms.

Before joining Octant, she completed her Ph.D. in Chemistry & Chemical Biology at UCSF in Jaime Fraser’s lab. Her thesis work broadly focused on the functional characterization of enzyme conformational states using deep mutational scanning, in vitro kinetics, and structural techniques.

Outside of the lab, Erin loves to get outside to bike, run, hike, and backpack.


Swab-Seq: A high-throughput platform for massively scaled up SARS-CoV-2 testing. Joshua S. Bloom Eric M. Jones, Molly Gasperini, Nathan B. Lubock, Fauna Yarza, Erin M. Thompson, Kyle M. Kovary, Jimin Park, Myles Hochman,. medrxiv. 2020.

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