Heidi Allison

Before joining Octant as Platform Runner on the High-Throughput Screening team, Heidi had a twenty-four year career as a professional baker in the Bay Area. She did everything from wedding cake design and execution to making that perfect croissant for your breakfast. In 2020 she began an undergraduate degree in biological sciences while continuing to work full time as a baker. In 2023 she earned a spot in Genentech’s inaugural California Community College Internship Program. While working in their Pharmaceutical Technical Development lab she set her sights on drug discovery for rare disease and genetic disorders. As someone living with Diamond Blackfan Anemia Syndrome, she is uniquely aware of the urgency for acceleration of drug discovery for rare genetic disorders. This unique perspective inspired her career change and ultimately drives her dedication to small molecule drug discovery.

Outside of the lab Heidi enjoys pretty much anything to do with the great outdoors, tinkering with new recipes, and road trip adventures.

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