Josh Bloom

Josh is a geneticist and computational biologist. He is interested in understanding the genetic basis of complex traits. He develops technology and computational methods to better understand the relationship between genetic variation and trait variation in populations with a primary focus on yeast genetics. His recent work involves high-throughput variant engineering with CRISPR/Cas9 to identify causal genetic variants as well as the development of new experimental and computational methods to comprehensively identify the heritable genetic factors underlying gene expression differences and other complex traits in very large populations. After studying Neuroscience at UCLA as an undergraduate, Josh earned his PhD in Molecular Biology from Princeton with a certificate in quantitative and computational biology.


Genetics of trans-regulatory variation in gene expression. Albert FW*, Bloom JS*, Siegel J, Day L, Kruglyak L. eLife. 2018. 7:e35471.

Highly parallel genome variant engineering with CRISPR–Cas9. Sadhu MJ*, Bloom JS*, Day L, Siegel JJ, Kosuri S, Kruglyak L. Nature Genetics. 2018. 50(4):510-14.

Finding the sources of missing heritability in a yeast cross. Bloom JS*, Ehrenreich IM, Loo WT, Lite TLV, Kruglyak L. Nature. 2013. 494 (7436):234-39.


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